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Communications Consultant & Storyteller

If you are able to tell good stories you will inspire the audience. Find and develop consistent, exciting and compelling stories – for your company, for your project, for your product.

Storytelling may be a new achievement for some – for me it has always been a matter of course. There is no question: exciting and well told stories stick to our memory far longer than abstract facts; they are far more effective than mere information.

The basis for good stories is careful research – and clarity about the target group and intended effects. As a communications consultant, I develop this clarity with you, create coherent images and tell your story – understandably and compellingly.

Compelling stories for your products

If you tell a good story, you prove the power of your product and show why your customer needs it. Certainly: sometimes you can make a huge impression on some target groups by presenting fact sheets.Passion, however, is only created by a very good story; it is the story that makes the most complex projects understandable and abstract solutions a great experience.
Coherent stories for your project
Communication is one of the crucial prerequisites for the success of a project – yet, it is frequently neglected. Project communications includes more than effective coordination processes within the team.Projects need a story, too; a story that creates shared visions, generates clarity about the goals and makes projects clear and understandable – for team members, staff, customers and partners.
Lively stories for your company
Corporate values, corporate cultures, visions – all too often, these essentials for companies are described in the same old phrases.Lively stories by contrast fill everything with life, make them tangible – and highlight the specific features and unique aspects of your company.