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Successful communication is based on two requirements: Clarity about what you want to say – and clarity about what you want to achieve. Learn to communicate consistently – authentically and effectively.

Few things are as natural and commonplace as communications. Yet, hardly anything goes wrong so often. This is not because we are not able to communicate. Often, the reason is lack of clarity: clarity about our intended effect, clarity about our target groups, clarity about the situation, and clarity about our role and responsibility in this situation. General tips and tricks do not create this clarity.

This is why my communications trainings are always unique – and tailored to you and your communications situation. Based on sound theoretical principles and your personal situation we develop customized communications strategies which we immediately test and incorporate in many practical exercises.

Feeling good on stage and in front of the camera: presentation trainings

No matter what you try to deliver a great show: you will only be able to convince your audience and inspire them if you feel comfortable. With your message. With the situation. With your audience. With the stageand with your medium. Dealing with these issues is the best public speaking training in the world. My presentation trainings ensure that you will love to present what you need to present.
Confident and targeted presentations: trainings for presenters
Not every communications expert is automatically a good presenter; as the role of the presenter imposes particular requirements. The presenter is leading the conversation and acts as the owner of thecommunications process. As regards content he is, however, only listening. My presentation trainings help you get prepared for this role – so you safely move between active listening and confident guidance.
Coherent communications: communications coaching
When you say what you feel, you are authentic. When you say what the situation requires, you are mainstream. You are communicating coherently and successfully if your communication is in line withyour personality and the current situation. In my communications trainings, we are working to ensure that you are able to communicate appropriately in critical situations – and still feel comfortable.
Ward off questions confidently: training for press events
I hope I won’t say the wrong thing now! What if I need to respond to tough questions? There is great nervousness in the run-up to press events. But, why? After all, it is your event! One way to preparefor press events is to grasp the situation. It includes your communications goals and expectations of journalists. My trainings will sharpen your view for this specific situation.
Highly eloquent phrasing: training & coaching in writing
Can you learn to write well? Yes, you can! Good and understandable texts are not primarily a question of talent. Again, clarity is essential: You can only write clearly if your thoughts are clear. In my coachingsessions we are working on texts, looking for ways to make them simpler, more understandable, more lively, more accurate. So, your readers have more fun reading – and you have more fun writing.
Unveil the right topics: coaching for editors
The goal of corporate communications – internal or external – is not only information, but also achieving an impact: motivate employees, convince analysts, inspire customers. We are specifically lookingfor relevant topics in my editing trainings that make the desired messages interesting, exciting and worth reading for the audience.