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Even the best story only unfolds its impact if it is told well. Give your story the framework it deserves – and use the many benefits of the medium video.

Videos are more impressive and more emotional than most other media. Moving images allow you to explain complex issues clearly. Good videos remain in our memory. The benefits of videos are obvious – yet, they can only be fully realized if the content of the medium is implemented accordingly.

As a script writer and editor, I have ensured for over ten years that the benefits of videos become the benefits of corporate communications. In cooperation with my long time partners I provide the concept, editing and production of your corporate video from one single source – tailored to your target group, your company and your budget.

Show what you are able to do: image videos

High-quality image videos are much more than colorful images with quick cuts. Good image videos tell an exciting, comprehensible and compelling story – that of your company, your brand, your product.They are based on carefully researched and editorial material as well as high-quality and professionally created images.
Let your customer speak for you: customer testimonials
Satisfied customers are the most valuable asset of your company – and the most effective advertising tool. Personal and authenticstatements from customers and powerful images of shared projects are the ingredients of successful customer testimonials.
Expand your audience: event reports
Live and on site! Let your audience join in – on trade shows and sales events, management meetings, analyst and press conferences. My filmteam and I are working for you worldwide to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date reports on all interesting events of your company.
Going to the bottom of the matter: interviews
Interviews and talk shows ensure authenticity and result in credibility; they transform anonymous corporate statements into personal messages; good interviews and discussions in the business environment create a space for opinions, evaluations and emotions – and so much more than facts, facts, facts.
For further reference: texts
If you know the benefits of videos you will also know the drawbacks. Background information, supporting documents, additional data: they are best made available in the form of high-quality texts.Therefore, coverage for print and online media is provided as well – from newsletters, the intranet and internet to staff or customer magazines.