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Presenter & Interviewer

Good presenters do far more than just smile and toss around buzzwords. Good presenters go to the bottom of the matter – they are entertaining, understandable, friendly – for exhilarating interviews and inspiring discussions.

Actively managing conversations instead of reading out questions, checking back critically instead of just tossing around buzzwords, telling interesting stories instead of anxiously formulating transitions – presenters should not only communicate the program of your event, lecture or video production, but deliver real added value.

I have always focused on the intensive examination of content. In your company video, panel discussions or on trade shows and events: my goal is to act as a professional presenter – appropriate to your content, your company and your target group.

Concept & Script

As an experienced journalist and expert of corporate communications I support you in the planning of content and preparation of your eventor video production. Together, we are developing captivating scripts and diversified dramaturgy for your event or video production.
Discussion rounds
Being the presenter of a discussion, either in front of the camera or on stage, is the most exciting job for me. My goal is to make sure that different voices and opinions are heard and allow for an extensiveexchange – while offering the audience the required structure and guidance.
Constant curiosity, healthy skepticism and the ability to listen are the prerequisites for a good interview presenter. The interview should never focus on the presenter, but always ensure the best possibleconversation with the interview partners; in the presenter’s interest – and the interest of the audience.
For trade shows and events, product or training videos: I will lend your company or product not only my voice and face, but will make things more understandable, lively – and more personal.