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Editor and Presenter
Communications Consulting and Coaching


Telling stories – has always been my passion. In 1992, I turned this passion into my profession. My customers are now benefiting from 20 years of experience as a journalist and editor engaged in radio, video, print and online projects as well as a presenter and trainer. My studies of journalism and graduation from the German Journalist School (DJS) adds a solid and sound professional training in journalism to this 20-year experience.

For over a decade, I have focused on the various facets of corporate communications. I am fascinated by discovering exciting stories around supposedly extremely dry topics. I am fascinated by communicating very complex issues in a simple and comprehensible way. And, I am thrilled by keeping track of things even in heated situations and focus on the essentials.
I have noticed that issues which seem to be very dry and boring or complex at first glance offer exciting, memorable and lively aspects – and often the problem is not the topic, but its representation. I want to support my customers in telling stories in a way so that they are remembered and customers achieve the desired impact. By telling the story for them. Or by guiding them so they tell their story themselves.



Advanced training


I was born, raised and socialized in Munich. Since the first day of my life, 31 December 1975, I have been a true Munich local; for more than 25 years, I have lived in the center of my hometown. I went to school in the Munich district of Sendling where my office is located.

Rock’n’roll and powder snow

I like to be on the stage – with and in front of as many people as possible. And, I love to stand on a secluded mountain peak with just a few friends, and be the first to leave my tracks in the powdery snow. My music project MC Harras brings a fair portion of Rock’n’Roll to my life; as a volunteer instructor for ski mountaineering I am quite often looking for powdery snow with classes and groups of the German Alpine Club.